LFR “Microcontroler-less!” Mini

Who said robots need a microcontroller to be smart? This robot certainly doesn't believe that! Presenting: LFR Mini! A line follower of the non-programmable kind! Since LFR Mini has no ...
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Times of India, Goa Edition- 15th November 2014

Thank you Gauree Malkarnekar & Rajtilak Naik for putting me on Page 1 ...
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Technival 2014 – National Institute of Technology, Goa

Recently, NIT Goa had their techfest, Technival 2014. I participated in two events held there. The first was Laburinthos (Line following) held on 8th November And ...
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ATV Bot is exactly what it's name says: an All Terrain Vehicle. Equipped with 4 powerful 500 rpm DC geared motors and a strong powder ...
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Herald Cafe – 30.6.2014

View or Download the full article as a pdf here ...
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TechnoBoard Lite

This week, I had the honor of writing a review on Inventrom's latest development boards: Techno Board Lite Techno Board Lite is a sleeker and much ...
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Challenger is here!

Challenger is an IR remote controlled, mobile robotic arm.  It has excellent maneuverability since it is a 4 wheel drive, and all wheels have rubber ...
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A good read

Book: How to Destroy the Universe and 34 other really interesting uses of Physics Author: Paul Parsons Description: Each chapter is a question. And every ...
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Portable Smartphone Charger

Here's a simple circuit which you can use to charge any device that uses a USB charger. (Smartphones, Tablets, Portable music players, etc.) Components used: Soldering board (1) Voltage ...
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22 thoughts on “Techstuff

  1. Hey Raunak its we the students of Rosary higher secondary school
    inviting u and kabir for our 1st Technova 1.0 Computer science Exhibition held in Rosary higher secondary school Navelim Margao at 9:30 am
    we hope that u will come for the exhibition

  2. Awsome raspie robot raunak. It is just one more of your amazing feats which you have taken in your fields of mastery. Great work , Keep it Up (May the force be with you).

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