Project GEIT

During the last week of my Diwali vacations, I had the wonderful opportunity to be part of Project GEIT (Goans Empowered with Information Technology) and ...
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India Internet of Things Week 2015 by UNICOM

Three weeks back, I received a message from my mentor, Mr. Pranav Pai Vernekar (Founder of Inventrom) saying that he would be going to a ...
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Internet Of Things with Raspberry Pi – 2

This is a follow-up to my previous tutorial Internet of Things with Raspberry Pi - 1. (If you're not familiar with web servers, PHP coding and ...
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Robots of Today & Tomorrow

What is a Robot? Simply put, it’s a machine that makes life easier. A more technical definition would be: A programmed machine, which accomplishes a ...
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Internet Of Things with Raspberry Pi – 1

When I was new to IOT (Internet Of Things), I saw that there were hardly any tutorials which were simple enough for a beginner to understand and try ...
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Universal Nintendo Charger

Some of my family friends had come over from the USA, and had brought their Nintendo DS along with them. Unfortunately the Nintendo's charger was ...
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Summer Internship 2015 – Inventrom

Once again, this summer, I interned for a month at Inventrom Robotics, an electronic technology start-up based in Goa with primary focus on Robotics and ...
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BT Smart Alarm

Sometimes you're plain old alarm clock just isn't good enough. You need a drastic change in the external environment to shake you out of your ...
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Quark 2015 – Birla Institute of Technology & Science (BITS) Goa, Vasco

Quark 2015! This is one of India's largest tech fest, which took place recently at the BITS Pilani, Goa campus in Vasco. The festival was from ...
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22 thoughts on “Techstuff

  1. Hey Raunak its we the students of Rosary higher secondary school
    inviting u and kabir for our 1st Technova 1.0 Computer science Exhibition held in Rosary higher secondary school Navelim Margao at 9:30 am
    we hope that u will come for the exhibition

  2. Awsome raspie robot raunak. It is just one more of your amazing feats which you have taken in your fields of mastery. Great work , Keep it Up (May the force be with you).

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