This summer, I did my first internship with Inventrom, an electronic technology start-up based in Goa with primary focus on Robotics and Wireless devices. Had a ...
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My thoughts on robotics:

I was asked what robotics meant to me. This was my answer: Many people consider robotics to be a field in engineering. Others consider it ...
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Mouse controlled Sign Board using Raspberry Pi & Topping Pi

This is a mouse controlled signboard made using Raspberry Pi (the world's smallest computer) and a new circuit board called Topping Pi (designed and manufactured ...
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Full tank Alarm

This is one of my latest projects using  Snap Circuits Pro. This is a simple circuit which sets off an alarm when it detects a full ...
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LEGO Crawler

This little critter is a bit bigger than your fist and has two legs on either side. It can either plod along or do the ducky walk. The ...
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Line following Robot

Hello everyone! This post is all about a line following robot built by my friend and I. We call it "Sataklela robot", (which means "crazy robot" in ...
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22 thoughts on “Techstuff

  1. Hey Raunak its we the students of Rosary higher secondary school
    inviting u and kabir for our 1st Technova 1.0 Computer science Exhibition held in Rosary higher secondary school Navelim Margao at 9:30 am
    we hope that u will come for the exhibition

  2. Awsome raspie robot raunak. It is just one more of your amazing feats which you have taken in your fields of mastery. Great work , Keep it Up (May the force be with you).

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